This particular face driver with reduced axial dimension is sometimes also used on gear choke fitted with a tailstock. The 6 claws with considerable length and wide axial adjustment of the central point, make it particularly versatile. The body and the central point are made entirely of hardened steel with the possibility of repeated sharpening and / or correction

Extremely practical, the face drivers are constructed of hardened steel and processed with reduced tolerances that ensure accuracy in dragging and safety in centering. The standard version has 6  dragging claws regrindable if necessary.
The central point is made of  fully hardened steel, it  can be corrected repeatedly


Developed with a modular criteria, this face driver  allows the complete interchangeability of drag heads and central points, while retaining the features of rigidity and accuracy that are essential during the processing of teeth configuration. The central point, with wide axial adjustment, is attached by means of a quick hook that is the best way to replace It


This group can be used in all tipe of face  driver "lowered", "Integral" and "interchangeable", and  is equipped with a quick coupling for the central point. The axial adjustment of the tip, independent of the load spring, ensures accurate records. It comes  with a standard lightly-load spring.


Made from fully hardened steel they combine resistance to high compression strength with the possibility of multiple sharpening. In the standard version is provided with 6 dragging claws with side holes to facilitate the evacuation of chips.


Made from fully hardened steel with high wear resistance that may undergo repeated adjustments. The long drive provides high rigidity and the axial grooves  promote the best cleaning surface.

This is the extended version of the Mini-feeders, they  are equipped with 4 claws. The body and the central point are made from fully hardened steel, may undergo repeated sharpening and / or corrections. Are always supplied with central striker, spring and ring spring.

This micro driver is used on small gear cutters, it is different from other products, because of  a small size fixing point. It is possible to use it fo manufacturing of small details. The body and the central point are fully tempered, may undergo repeated sharpening and / or corrections.


This face driver is very simple designed,  with high precision constructive and accurate shape that allows a smooth changeover to the creator. Provides the standard version with 4 drag claws. The body and the central points are constructed entirely hardened steel with possibility of repeated sharpening and/or correction steel.

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